Friday, December 28, 2012

A Random Tea Post

Checking out the shelves and canisters.  Found out there's lots of tea in the house: we haven't really consumed even half of what my sister and cousin gave us.  

If my grandmother is still alive, these would be gone in days because she drinks tea instead of coffee.  At least once a day.

Maybe it's time to bring out mom's tea set to induce people at home to drink tea?

Okay, maybe I'll just take the teapot and return the others to the cabinet.
Should also put my cheap French press pot and Japanese side-handled kyusu to good use for the loose leaf tea.  They're good for one serving only though, but... I realized yesterday I could use the coffee maker if I want more cups of tea. Ha ha ha!  Good thing the coffee maker was easy to clean and the tea didn't taste like coffee.

Mainit, may yelo, o mainit na lumamig na, mukhang magpapakasawa muna kami sa tsa-a hanggang maubos.  He he he!

It's also a good way to use the honey my other sister gave us.

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