Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back at RITM

Anti-rabies post exposure treatment entails several shots over a 30-day period. Had to wake up early to get to RITM early so that there won't be a long line when we get there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bacchi's Valentine Gift

Bacchi II the cat, had a back foot stuck at the top of the aviary while he was climbing down. He eventually ended up dangling upside down and howling, which brought his plight to our attention (Ma and me). I held him and tried to nudge his foot free, one manouver must have hurt badly so he bit me. I didn't even feel the pain, concentrating on the foot, until Mama told me to let go because his tooth was in my hand. Funny thing was, my mom tried to continue what I had started... so, ofcourse, she got bitten too. My wounds didn't really bleed, but blood really flowed out from Ma's wound.

Since holding Bacchi is turning out to be a no-no, but he couldn't be left dangling upside down, I took out a wooden plank and placed it on the ladder which I moved near Bacchi so he could rest. After some minutes, having gained some breath, Bacchi dug his foreclaws into the wooden board and pulled his hind foot free.

With Bacchi free, Ma called the vet, who said Bacchi's antirabies vaccine is still active, but also said mom and I should still consult a doctor and have shots if our wounds bled.

Ma called Jon next who suggested going to San Lazaro or RITM because those two places are sure to have antirabies. Other hospitals may not have vaccines readily available. Decided to go to RITM.

I expected to be injected with anti-tetanus, but thought only mom needed antirabies. WRONG. I got more shots than mom, because I had more wounds - she only had one. My left hand was puffy from the vaccine being injected in 3 places. Dang.

It guess the antirabies Bacchi got is for the cat's safety, but humans should also be injected with antirabies for their own safety.

Side note: I want this industrial fan RITM got in the waiting area.

When we got back to Pacita, we bought a cage where Bacchi could be isolated. Bacchi hates the cage. He would go in if the door is kept open, but he gets panicky/noisy if the door is closed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

hello? :-)

Just had to take a picture... cause I find this scene amusing.

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