Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two movies in a day

Met Sam at South Mall and had lunch at Barrio Fiesta. Don't know if we'd go back to the place as the guy in the next table saw a cockroach at the bottom of his drink. He had drunk most of it by the time he realized it was there. Ewww!

After lunch, Sam and I watched Nanny McPhee.

We parted ways after and I headed home ... exchanged text messages with Jon and decided we'd meet at Alabang Town Center to watch V for Vendetta.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looking for a picture for a Publics article

When I was new in the bank, someone from Publics asked if I was willing to be featured in an article about people in PNB who have similar names ... I had no problem with that until Eve asked me to have a haircut before she took a picture of me. I said "no" to the whole thing and the article was never written.

This time I might actually end up in Publics ... as part of the IAS team. Boss Mar had told each of the team to prepare a 2x2 picture with white background. Last day of submission is March 20. I hate it when I have to look for pictures :-(

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