Thursday, November 18, 2004

PJ in Town

PJ's in town this week. She was one of those who responded to the Overseas Group's ad looking for people for overseas operations work. She passed the written exam in Cebu, now the bank flew her in for the interview.

She passed by the Dealing room as promised, with her supportive husband Jerry tagging along. Vikki, Cristy and I treated them to lunch at Tostado at the Blue Wave.

Gave some toys for her to bring back to her daughters Michelle and Praisel.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Boracay 2004

Really cut it close Friday morning ... twas almost boarding time when I arrived at the airport. The clerk, or whatever you call him, told me they were just about to close the counter. Point is, I didn't miss the plane and they were still open. There was this chubby lady in front of me with a familiar face ... and while I was waiting for my turn, I wondered if she was the comedianne on TV. Anyway, she took her time pulling out things from the bag that she hoped to hand carry but the airport guy said must be checked in. I found it amusing that most of her things were girly - that means in shades of pink and/or other pastel colors.

Esther, Rhoda and Jeng were in the same flight I was.

To read about our activities in Boracay, go to my pinoytourista page:

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