Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Carnivale

Was at Festival Mall today to watch "Twilight" with Sam and saw that the Christmas decors are up.

They picked an unusual theme this year - Christmas Carnivale. Instead of the staple giant Christmas tree ornaments, they hung huge masks.


They even have carnival people walking around. I passed by a man wearing old English clothing and coated in from head to toe in silver paint - he was pretending to be a mechanical toy. These two were walking around the mall on stilts:

Festival Mall Christmas Carnivale

This guy could pass as one of those carnivale people...

Festival Mall Christmas Carnivale

until he hands you a Citibank flyer ... which explains his get-up - the Citibank had people dressed up in London guard uniforms.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

ACI Christmas Party

It's not December yet, but ACI already had its Christmas party. On the day the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Go figure.

The event was held at the Captain's Bar in Mandarin Oriental, Makati. Having a table near the stage set us up to be noticed by the band. Cheryl was coaxed to sing, and after her number, it wasn't hard to get more volunteers from the crowd.

ACI Christmas Party

Told Jon to fetch me once he gets off from work. He was supposed to just wait for me at the lobby. Instead, he found himself inside the bar without being asked if he was an ACI member. After getting him a beer and whatever's left of the food, we left the party... to watch the "Bolt" movie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uncle Ceo's death

We heard about it early morning of November 13, when Pie called up to tell us the news. She in turn heard about it from her parents in California, who were informed by Guilo, who got the call from Tashi in Cavite. I heard that's the similar route the message took when Aunt Fe in Batanes learned about it - her daughter in Pennsylvania texted her the news.

My mom was in shock after the phone call - Uncle Ceo was the youngest in their brood. I think she cried when she went back to her room to tell dad the news.

Uncle Ceo died in his sleep, after spending a fun day with his kids, and he was looking forward to a day of playing golf on the 13th. He wasn't a womanizer, but Aunt Hilda and the kids had to compete with his love of golf.

Aunt Lily and her husband flew in from California Saturday. Aunt Fe paid around twice the price of a one way trip from Batanes to Manila just so she could come to the wake at the Bonifacio Naval Station Chapel last night and for the interment this morning. Uncle Vic was not able to leave California.

Guilo couldn't come to his dad's funeral as he is not sure he could go back to California despite holding a valid working visa. There have been tales of Filipinos holding valid US working visas who have been denied entry back into the US after taking a vacation in the Philippines. Uncle Ceo had told him not to come back unless his papers are in order - no matter what happens ... and it probably includes death.

The Coast Guard, DOTC, and even the masons were giving Aunt Hilda headaches by nagging her on how and where they want the necrological service to be held. She gave in to one night at the Bonifacio Naval Station Chapel, but turned down adding masonic rites after the necrological service.

The funeral was this morning. I wanted to be there to see it, what with the gun salute and all. Alas, I had to go to work. I guess I'll have to wait for someone else to send me a video or pictures.

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