Saturday, July 28, 2007

A day in Glorietta with the kids

I got 7 free tickets to Ratatouille and decided to invite my cousin's wife and their kids. I gave her 5 tickest since my friend Sam is busy on Saturdays (she teaches music). Apart from her daughters, she brought along her cousin my cousin's aunt (who is currently living with them to take care of the kids).

The movie was in Glorietta 4 and started at 10:30 AM. The screening was sponsored by one of our brokers, ICAP, and they hired a man to wear a rat suit and welcome the people going in the theater. ICAP also paid for free iced tea and popcorn.

This is my youngest niece's first time to watch a movie in a movie theater, and she was at first startled by the loud sound. She enjoyed the movie though. Her older sister told me it was her second time to watch in a movie theater.

After the movie, the kids had their picture taken beside the man in the "rat" costume outside the theater. We then proceeded to the nearby Timezone, where the kids had a blast playing.

I treated everyone for lunch at TGI Friday's. My youngest niece preferred to eat Jollibee fried chicken though.

After lunch it was back to Timezone. It was almost 5PM when we parted ways. Jon and I initially planned to do some window shopping but ended up watching The Simpsons movie as we did not want to go home yet.

Regarding Harry Potter

I reserved my copy of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7 of the series) months ago. I'm getting a copy not because I was excited to find out what happens, but because I already have a copy of the first 6 books and I thought that I might as well complete the collection. This is why when the book was finally available, I didn't rush to the bookstore to get my copy... after all, it's already reserved in my name.

I texted a friend, who's a major Harry Potter fan, if she had book 7...and if she had read it. Below are her answers.

Sent: 23-July-2007 22:21:52
I've read up to Chap23 of HP7. I got it on PDF. So far, I find d plot n characters much better than in HP6.

Sent: 24-July-2007 10:48:01
HP7's my 2nd fav HP book, after HP3. So many scenes w d Trio, w/c i missed in HP6. I'm finally satisfied at why Albus waited so long for HP to fight back. There were some lame scenes, but forgivable.

Sent: 26-July-2007 8:58:44
No, I got a text PDF. Some people transcribed d scans into PDF. Do u want a copy?

Sent: 26-July-2007 9:52:00
Voldy AK'd Snape. Draco went back to Hogwarts; he survived d final battle. Malfoys didn't fight; parents just went looking 4 Draco.

Sent: 28-July-2007 15:24:51
Btw, it seems Voldy killed Snape not by AK, but thru Nagini instead. I had skippd many paragraphs, so I didn't get many dtails ryt.

Sent: 28-July-2007 20:59:47
I askd my sis to get me d UK editn, same w my copied of d first 5 books. How'd u like/dislike d book? I like reading DH discussions in livejournal.com


I actually got the book last July 25 and finished it yesterday.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gawad Kalinga Build Day - Part 4: PM Shift

2007Jul21gkB 044 (Small)Leaving the tent and going back to work.
2007Jul21gkB 045 (Small) Some people made the error of painting this house blue. Danny is painting over that with the right color.
2007Jul21gkB 046 (Small)Tough way to paint.
2007Jul21gkB 047 (Small)The Corporate Secretary surveying the work done so far.
2007Jul21gkB 051 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 048 (Small)Vandals!
2007Jul21gkB 049 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 050 (Small)Shoveling earth into sacks.
2007Jul21gkB 052 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 053 (Small)Mirchelle giving away prizes to kids who can spell right. Hard words of the day: melancholy, facade, and bureaucracy.
2007Jul21gkB 054 (Small)Eric came to fetch Jan who was down with food poisoning ... she already felt bad before coming to Sunshineville.
2007Jul21gkB 057 (Small)Mirchelle switches to Math questions. I think Boss Mon is coaching some kids.
2007Jul21gkB 055 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 056 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 058 (Small)Finishing the paint job.2007Jul21gkB 059 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 060 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 061 (Small)Painting the ceiling.
2007Jul21gkB 062 (Small)Taking an ice cream break.
2007Jul21gkB 064 (Small)Treating the Sunshineville kids to ice cream.
2007Jul21gkB 063 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 065 (Small) The volunteers start going back to the tent.
2007Jul21gkB 066 (Small)Mirchelle is persuaded to dance "Pearly Shells" with CorSec.
2007Jul21gkB 067 (Small)

2007Jul21gkB 068 (Small)A group picture before leaving the site
2007Jul21gkB 069 (Small)

The event should end at 5PM, but by 3:00PM, we had ran out of paint and most people were already idle. Everybody was free to go home by 3:30 PM.

Gawad Kalinga Build Day - Part 3: Lunch Break

Lunch was prepared and served by the Sunshineville ladies.
2007Jul21gkB 026 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 027 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 028 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 029 (Small)The community kids present a dance number.
2007Jul21gkB 030 (Small) The Corporate Secretary dancing with the Sunshineville ladies.
2007Jul21gkB 031 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 032 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 033 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 034 (Small)Mirchelle refusing to dance onstage.
The entertained audience.
2007Jul21gkB 035 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 036 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 037 (Small)Everyone in this family knows how to dance.
2007Jul21gkB 038 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 039 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 040 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 041 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 042 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 043 (Small)Mirchelle saying a few words before everyone goes back to work.

Gawad Kalinga Build Day - Part 2: AM Shift

2007jul21gk018 (Small)The PNB volunteers were divided into four groups. Each group had a marshall. Once our group marshall dropped us off to paint one house, we had little supervision from her afterwards, so we just assumed that we keep on painting until we ran out of paint. Another thing that was not clear was if we just slap on the first coating or if we do a good job even though it was just the first coating.
2007jul21gk019 (Small)2007jul21gk021 (Small)2007jul21gk022 (Small)
2007jul21gk023 (Small) Since the first house Alex painted was pink, he took charge of painting all the houses that had a pink facade.
Some groups were in charge of gardening as well as helping with the land fill.
2007jul21gk024 (Small)2007jul21gk025 (Small)2007jul21gk026 (Small)
2007jul21gk027 (Small)By 11:30 AM, people started trickling into the tent to rest and wait for lunch to be served. Most of them were painters who had ran out of paint.
2007jul21gk028 (Small)2007jul21gk029 (Small)2007jul21gk030 (Small)
2007jul21gk031 (Small)2007jul21gk032 (Small)Buddy and Milette near the entrance to Sunshineville. The community is a "No Smoking" zone, which is why those who needed a nicotine lift had to smoke here.
2007jul21gk033 (Small)Sunshineville kids playing doctor and patient at the medical station.
2007jul21gk034 (Small) A "landscaper" painting the rocks as a final touch.
2007jul21gk035 (Small)The line of people passing sacks of earth and rock for the landfill.2007jul21gk036 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 017 (Small)2007Jul21gkB 018 (Small)
2007jul21gk037 (Small)"Landcapers" taking a brief refuge from the hot sun.2007Jul21gkB 015 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 016 (Small)Painters on a scaffold.
2007Jul21gkB 020 (Small)Es painting the first coating of the interior wall.2007Jul21gkB 019 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 021 (Small)With the exception of Mimi (extreme right), this is the group of "painters" I belong to.
2007Jul21gkB 022 (Small)These ladies have taken charge of painting the blue houses.
2007Jul21gkB 023 (Small)
2007Jul21gkB 024 (Small)Everyone files back to the tent for lunch.
2007Jul21gkB 025 (Small)Mirchelle of MSD talking with the kids.

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