Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I generally hate it when the brokers treat us to dinner ... I live in Laguna and do not have a car so I have to commute home... and I hate waiting for buses along EDSA.

Can't weasel out of it though so last night I was at Greenbelt's Nuvo, eating dinner with ICAP.

As usual, I excused myself around 9PM so I could catch the last bus from the Ayala Terminal ... I didn't want to have to go to EDSA.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

At the M Cafe

Attended the ACI dinner last night at the M Cafe of the Ayala Museum.

Funny thing about these dinners: ACI likes to pick small places so that when everyone comes, it's so packed you can't have a seat or a table if you're late. Which is why we were early ... so early in fact that we had finished with the appetizers by the time people really started streaming in.

Cristy brought along her gimmick friend, which most people thought was her boyfriend (but is not). He wore a black shirt ... and the M cafe waiters wear black shirts too. A couple of people had actually made the mistake of thinking he was a waiter. He was good natured about it ... we were actually wondering if he could pull off going into the kitchen and bringing out food for us to eat.

Now Ted had an interesting experience ... I noticed that his eyes were glued to a sexy lady who had long hair, was tan, and wearing a miniskirt. I knew who she was even from the back (because of her clothes), and I had to stop myself from laughing loud when I saw Ted's jaw drop when she turned around. She wasn't of the pretty kind, as her appeal is on the exotic side. Obviously not Ted's type based on his reaction.

When we got bored, our eyes wandered off to a guy sitting at a table on the mezzanine. Being early, we got a good table near the door which allows us to watch people on the mezzanine. Now this guy had been sitting there almost from the time we got our table. He hasn't really ordered food, just drinks, and he kept looking at his phone.

When we ran out of things to talk about, we started making a story about the guy. The fact that he hasn't ordered food, is frowning, and keeps looking at his phone meant he is on a date, but the girl is late, or may not show up. He's probably asking her through text what time she'll arrive. When the phone rang and he disappeared ... we conjectured that she's finally within the vicinity. We were right. The guy was smiling when he came back, girl in tow. The girl was pretty by the way... the guys at our table couldn't help noticing that.

The cafe had one of those restrooms with foggy glass walls by the way. I still don't know the logic why some places make their public restrooms that public ... that includes the one in Cablecar where the door to the restroom is a curtain.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Birthday treat to self : Ice Age 2

Was my birthday yesterday, and it's Jon's birthday today. We had to watch a movie, right. We headed to Festival Mall and met our movie buddy, Sam, and watched Ice Age 2. Gotta love Scrat.

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