Sunday, March 27, 2005

Round the Bend Entertainment

A friend of mine has formed a production company. I think it's great. Below is her e-mail announcing her first production:

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 20:44:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Bee Luciano
Subject: My Show Invitation

Hi everyone,

I'd like to invite you to catch my first production of a Stand-up Comedy show in English on April 8 (Friday) 2005 at San Mig El Pueblo in Ortigas.

I formed the production company, Round The Bend Entertainment because I am trying to provide an Alternative to those looking for fresh, stimulating, up-to-the minute type of entertainment, where you can actually exercise a bit of your brain cells and probably lose a few calories laughing your head off.

So do come on April 8, bring your friends, and be electrified with thigh-slapping, slap-your-buddy-in-the-arm type of comedy, without the embarassing, gay-lingo, Regine Velazquez-imitation distractions.

Check out the press releases in today's Sunday Inquirer Magazine, also in the days to come in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and via radio at 99.5RT.

Hope to see you there! Support Live Intellectual Comedy! Call/Text me 0917-TEXTBEE for more information.

Humor by Tim Tayag, Al Manalo and Mike Unson

"APRIL FOOLS - Stand Up Comedians On The Loose!" Features U.S. Style, witty, observational stand up comedy in the English language, tackling everyday situations and opinions that we can relate to and laugh about. Immerse yourself in Tim Tayag's world, and be in a state of euphoria from this slick, riotous performer. Together with Al Manalo, a stand-up comic from San Francisco and Mike Unson, who has opened for top comedian Rex Navarrete, the show guarantees you'll delight in this intellectual form of comedy.

Produced by ROUND THE BEND ENTERTAINMENT in cooperation with SAN MIG ORTIGAS PUB & RESTAURANT, JAGERMEISTER and 99.5 RT, "APRIL FOOLS - Stand Up Comedians On The Loose!" Will be on APRIL 8, 2005 (Friday),7pm at San Mig El Pueblo, Ortigas. Tickets are P250 each, available at San Mig Ortigas. For inquires please call/text 0917-8398233 or San Mig Ortigas at Tel 637-5499.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

The 6-ft shelves

You thought I'd be playing the rest of the Holy week just because I bought Sims2 University? Think again. I spent the day cleaning my bookshelves and finally putting on them my books that have been in boxes for about a year. Last year, termites decided to make a house of my original bookshelf, which was fixed to the wall. I lost about 10 books - most of them paperback. Thankfully, the ones they ruined were not the books I'd really miss and find hard to replace. I also found out they don't like munching thick, glossy paper ... so my expensive books managed to survive the attack ... a couple had small holes where the termites tried to eat them before deciding they don't like the paper.

My new bookshelves are not fixed to the wall, have wheels underneath (so I can move them around if feel like rearranging furniture), and have been treated with Solignum. For good measure, I sprayed the surfaces with insect spray before placing the books. I haven't finished with the work yet, but I've got till Sunday to do so.

Hopefully, those termites won't bother me - and my precious stash of books - again.

Monday, March 07, 2005


The lawyer from legal called to tell me the person who "shares" my name (with the exception of a different middle initial and a different vowel in the second name) won't sign the document stating that the legal case does not refer to me but to the other person.

Said other person thinks there is no need for such document, I replied I need said document as the bail bond for other person is being charged in my name.

Said other person gave in because of bail bond excuse but says wants to change some statements before signing under the words "conforme".

Go ahead. The lawyer hadn't given me the draft, so I wouldn't know what other person wants changed, anyway.

If it was a forgettable case (well, if you call a criminal case dismissed by the courts forgettable) , other person won't be that hesitant, right? Lawyer says person cited in 2 dismissed cases. Grrnh! and "other person" thinks there won't be a problem without said document?! Who are you kidding? I'm not a lawyer, true, but I can see probable problems ahead. If I tell this to my father who's a real lawyer, I may end up demanding more documents than they are preparing!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wheel of Time

Finished Winter's Heart from R. Jordan's Wheel of Time series ... I found it had a pretty boring start, and had to force myself to get past the prologue. The rest of the novel's okay - but not that awe-inspiring.

The only reason I'd look at the other novels would be Mat ... funny guy. I like it when he's running away from Tylin.

This being the 9th of I don't know how many novels eventually, I have a feeling that Jordan's running out of ideas here ... maybe the first books were really good, but I don't know because the person who's supposed to lend me the series started me with Book 9 (duh!). I got to that conclusion because a lot of the characters come across as weak but they have promise of being strong characters - and they probably were strong characters in previous books.

Based on this book, I'd probably not buy the series. I don't freaking care how good the first books may be, because this series is one of those "continuing" sagas - any novel in itself is not completed, and you have to read the last of the series to know how things will end ... but by novel 9, the steam is running out and you'd probably not be satisfied with the ending... considering you had a good beginning.

Kind of reminds me of the Vampire Chronicles - the first 3 books were grand ... okay - let's say I really only liked the 2nd and 3rd books because the first book is just about a whiny vampire ... but my interest in the chronicles gradually waned in succeeding books. Why? The rest of the books have whiny vampires, and horror of horrors, she had to intertwine the tales of the witches too ... and I am not a fan of Anne Rice's witch novels. Haven't looked at any of her last installments, but it will be a real joke if Ramses from The Mummy starts appearing too in the Vampire Chronicles ... there was mention of immortals who can walk the light in the earlier books (I think it was in Tale of the Body Thief). I liked Anne Rice's Mummy better than I would like her Mayfair witches.

He he, did a bit of digressing there, didn't I?

Point is, when will the editors come in and tell a famous author that "enough is enough, it's time to end a series and save your reputation"? Honestly, the author is seldom a good judge of that, but the editor, who's got advantage of looking from the outside, should know.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Left the office early to get to the PDEX office in order to attend the hands on tutorial on the FX module. Expected to done around 5:30. No one told me this hands on thing extends to 6:30 pm! Jon had to wait for me at the movie house... for a change.

Watched Constantine on probably its last week in the Makati theaters. I thought Tilda Swinton's Gabriel was cool.

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