Saturday, February 28, 2004

Another trip to Chinatown

Sam and I was in Binondo this morning.

This time, we were into Chinese food:

Check my pinoytourista blog entry: http://pinoytourista.blogspot.com/2004/02/food-in-chinatown.html

Friday, February 13, 2004

Valentine Lunch at Marina

Those in the dealing room who got promoted this February treated everyone to lunch at the Marina. That's 5 buckets of oysters, 3 platters of rice, 3 pots of kare-kare, 2 platters of pinakbet, 2 platters of eggplant salad, 3 sizzling plates of tanigue, 2 plates of a big fish some thought to be pla-pla (I'm not good at identifying fish unless it's bangus, lapu-lapu or tilapia), bottomless iced tea, a few bottles of San Mig Light and SMB pale pilsen, and leche flan for dessert. Whew! We were sleepy by afternoon because our stomachs were full and a number of us chose to stand rather than sit in front of the screens.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Lunch with Sam at Pier One

Sam dropped by the bank to make some deposits. She had planned to go to school afterwards and then do some research at the Folk Arts Theater library. The line at the main branch is long as usual and it totally ruined her mood. She expected me to pull some strings so that she could bypass the line ... except that I don't pull strings for myself when I need to transact anything at the main branch so I wasn't much help to her.

We ate at Pier One for lunch. We ordered Crispy Pata and when the food came, we realized it was good for around three or four people. We ate half then Sam took home the rest. We had some coffee at the Courtyard Cafe afterwards.

In the afternoon, Sam called me to tell me that she ended up passing by the hospital for high blood pressure. It was the food. Ouch!

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