Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Waves of Terror

Spent a bit of time surfing the net and looking up stories on Sunday's disaster. Feeling lucky the Philippines is on the OTHER side of Indonesia and was spared the destruction. The landslides that came after the twin typhoons sound trivial compared to the tsunamis.

Reading first account stories, their descriptions make me remember the dream I had years ago of evacuating to higher ground and watching a city go down under the waves. The huge waves in that dream were vivid in my memory. I don't remember now if my fear of large bodies of water came after that dream or before. I do know now however that what I saw in the dream is a tsunami or a tidal wave.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Film Fest and Deadly Tsunamis

Met Sam at South Mall at 10 am ... actually got there earlier and we had to wait for the mall to open at exactly 10. The cinemas still closed, we ate breakfast at a Korean restaurant.

First watched "Enteng Kabisote ... Okay Ka Fairy Ko the Legend". Starts out well but looks like they ran out of story at the ending. Sam was right in deciding we watched it first. When we got out the theatre, loads of people-mostly children were lining up.

Watched "Mano Po 3 ... My Love" next. Sam admitted not being able to relate to it. That means she had no idea why I had tears in my eye.

She was tired after that and instead of watching a 3rd movie, "Aishite Imas", we went out for coffee and then went home.

Now, I felt woozy when I was in the van going to Southmall, and I attributed it to probable lack of air or being stuck up in a vehicle that's under the hot sun and whose aircon unit doesn't have enough horse power to keep the temp cool. I thought the other time I felt that was coincidentally when a big quake hit Japan... but I thought it was silly to put the 2 together.

When I got home though, on the news was the great loss of lives that affected Indonesia and nearby countries because of a magnitude 9 quake.

Just creepy. The right lobe of my brain gives me a mild headache and sneezes before a heavy downpour ... while the left lobe makes me woozy after a quake.

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