Monday, March 29, 2004

Lost Something?

If I hadn't left my camera with the cinema usher yesterday, I wouldn't know what the Security Office of SM South Mall looks like, or where it is for that matter. You get to their small office following a long white walled corridor.

Would have been uneventful if it weren't for the other client who was in there with me. She was in her late forties, lost her key to her Mazda, and was telling a long story on how the key ended up on the parking lot floor. The long story was unnecessary, all the guards wanted was proof that she owned the car, and unfortunately, her driver's license does not say that she owns the car in question. It was a distressing situation for her, but I was trying hard to keep a straight face while waiting for the guard to release my camera. Why? She was trying to impress the guards by speaking english but she wasn't good in speaking the language ... made the guards more suspicious if you ask me. If she was pretending to speak fluently in another language, can't she be pretending to own the car as well? She would have fared better speaking Filipino, with or without an accent.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Subic Trip, A Recital, and 50 First Dates

March is about to end so I decided to avail of the free overnight stay in Subic International Hotel as the offer is good till March 31 only. This is the prize I won last December in MART's Christmas party.

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After lunch we hopped on a bus bound for Manila and got to St. Scholastica's College around 4:30pm. One of Sam's friends had a recital (choir conducting) at the chapel and she was invited. When her classmates saw her, she was asked to help turn the pages of the pianist's music sheet.

After the recital, there was food (just found out that in the Music Department, it is a custom for the students to prepare some food after their recital, and if it's a grand recital, people expect cocktails ... expensive course, huh?).

After we ate, Sam and I hopped onto another bus, got down at SM South Mall and watched 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymoore). The usher insisted I deposit my camera with them (not allowed in theaters). Since it was the last show for the day, the usher had gone home by the time the movie was over. Not in the mood to find out where "Security" is to get my camera, I decided to come back for it another day.

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