Friday, September 26, 2008

Change Management Workshop

Management decided to hold a Change Management Workshop with representatives from both PNB and Allied Bank. It was held the whole day yesterday and today. It was held at PNB's Executive Lounge. Lenny, Tina, Dennis, Jeng and I attended for Treasury Sector.

Day 1 (Sept. 25)

This is the day when the ice-breaker games and getting to know each other or finding out about yourself exercises were held.

They actually had this sound booth brought to the room

The reason Jeng had me take the picture below? She found it cute that the red shoes matched the red bag, as Emily Post would probably recommend.

Day 2 (Sept. 26)

Today was mostly spent on planning.

Which had us going through a lot of coffee, candy, and other junk food as we did some brainstorming.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rainy Day

Bee, Nicole, Lia and Bubbles planned some sort of dinner tonight at Cyma in the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. I did not confirm attendance when they were planning it because it's a Thursday night AND held in Ortigas. I did say I would try to come.

Turns out I couldn't come ... I finished work late since the staff meeting ended late, so I was leaving the office around 6:45 pm. There was no way I could get to Ortigas by 7PM.

Good thing I was on the way home at that time. It began to rain hard by 6:55 pm and heavy traffic usually follows heavy rain. It was even zero visibility somewhere north/east probably near Ortigas.

Around 7:30, Bee told me that Nancy and Bubbles had just arrived. Hmmm.... Nancy? Thought it was just Bee, Lia, Bubbles and Nicole. Apparently, other old friends were invited. Texted Bee back and told her to have fun. Didn't tell her I just realized that dinner was a reunion of grade school classmates... well, grade school to me but high school to her since I skipped 7th grade.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Someone Got Her New Camera Today

Boss Jun finally handed over the camera Jeng ordered from the US, and Jeng lost no time familiarizing herself with it.

No better way to practice than capture an event, like a birthday feast for the September celebrants.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's Contradiction

This envelope was handed out yesterday or the other day in the bus I was riding home... you know - those people who go onboard commuter buses, preach about religion, then collect donations from the passengers.

Somehow, I found this particular donation envelope funny.  It's like this group's God-given mission is to prevent drug addiction in order to save lives... and yet the preacher who gave this out never mentioned anything about drug addiction in her speech.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bogus Fire Drill

Someone tripped the fire alarm which had everyone evacuating the building.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jeng's Pasalubong

I saw some bags at the Sidlakang Negros showroom that were made using local materials. I bought this one for Jeng ... I know that she would want to decorate it.

Dumaguete Trip - Summary

(Click the links to other entries for more details)

Day 1 (03-Sep-2008) - The University Town

2008-0906 026 (Small)

Bee wanted to maximize our stay in Dumaguete so we chose a 7:10AM plane trip going there.  Which meant I have to be at the NAIA Terminal 3 at around 5:00AM ... 6:00AM at the latest.  My mom was worried that leaving the house before sunrise might be dangerous, so I dragged my brother to accompany on the trip to the airport just to make her happy.

Left the house a few minutes after 4AM since I decided to unpack/pack my luggage for one last time.  The bus left after 4:30 because the driver/conductor wanted it to be at least 80% occupied.  It also picked up more passengers along the way, so the delays meant I was still checking in my bags at the Cebu Pacific counter when the boarding call came.

Despite its reputation for delayed flights, Cebu Pacific landed at Dumaguete airport on time.  The place looked like the airport in Kalibo, with no luggage carousel.  You get to watch the men bringing the luggages down from the plane and to an area at the arrival station.  Once you spot your own luggage, you only have to come forward and grab it from the staff.  You still have to show your stub at the exit though, and the guard will check if the sticker on your luggage has the same number as your claim stub.

Harold's Mansion provides free airport pick-up, and waiting for us at the airport was Mang Danny with Harold's van.  We contracted him for a day tour and after checking in, eating brunch, and changing rooms, we got back into the van and went to the following places:

That was a satisfying first day... used my camera a lot and my batteries almost ran out of charge by the time we got back to the hostel.


Day 2 (04-Sep-2008) - Bee's Birthday

2008-0906 202 (Small)

The original plan last night was to see the twin lakes, then if we have time, check out Dauin and maybe snorkel.  Mang Danny thought it wasn't adviseable as we might be too tired to snorkel after the Twin Lakes visit.

When we woke up, we realized it rained while we were sleeping and that mroe rain was in the weather forecast.  It was bad news as going to Twin Lakes is not adviseable when it is raining.  I suggested to Bee that we go to Dauin first since she likes snorkeling anyway.  Then, if it looks like it will be a sunny afternoon, go to to Twin Lakes.  Which is what we did.

The day's itinerary therefore was:

With the exception of the Boston Cafe incident, Bee had fun on her birthday.


Day 3 (05-Sep-2008) - Apo Island

2008-0906 312 (Small)

There were at least 4 of us going to Apo Island today, so Harold arranged a trip for us last night.  We were at the lobby at 9AM, and found out that the other guests joining us were Tom, Jack, and Aira.  The sixth person on the team is Patro, the diving instructor.  Mang Danny drove all 6 of us to Malatapay where Patro took charge the moment we got on the pump boat.

It was raining again that morning so Patro wasn't sure if the boat could drop Bee and me off by the beach.  If the waters wouldn't allow docking, I was keen on staying on the boat and probably read a book rather than try diving. He he he!  Anyway, luck would give us sunshine by the time we approached the island and so Patro dropped us two snorklers on the beach before the rest of them headed for deeper waters for diving.

Hung around the following places on the island this day:

Left Apo around 4:30PM.  Harold recommended eating at Hayahay restaurant Wednesday night, which we didn't do because we ate at Jo's Chicken Inato.  Decided to try the food there tonight, but when the tricycle dropped us off at the entrance, we liked the ambiance of nearby Lab-as better and ate there instead.  The two restaurants have the same owner, by the way.


Day 4 (06-Sep-2008) - Pasalubong shopping

Sidlakang Negros Showroom - Sep. 6, 2008

Harold recommended that we check out Sidlakang Negros on our first day.  Bee and I decided to go there this day to shop for souvenirs and gifts.  Once there, we realized that only 20%-30% of the shops are open, with the remaining 80% either under construction or awaiting for the arrival of inventory for sale.  The showroom will be fully open by mid October of this year.

We enjoyed shopping and looking around the three shops that were open.

Ate lunch at nearby Nerisse afterwards.  The food there tastes good, by the way.  And Bee liked their garlic peanuts... a lot.

Aira, Bee and I had the same 4:25PM flight back to Metro Manila, so we met at the lobby around 3PM.  Danny initially told Aira we could hitch a ride back to the airport, but there were some change of plans.  We considered taking tricycles, then Harold offered to drive us there in his truck.

Cebu Pacific had a short "bring me" game during the flight.  They gave away three bag tags. 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By jingfrey, shot with SONY ERICSSON P1i

The first one to show a SMILE magazine got the first one, the person who had a 5-centavo coin got the second one, and I got the third one because I was the first to show a cellphone charger.  Bee was actually surprised I won... I think she was more surprised to find out I got the charger in my bag.

Cebu Pacific was on time again, but our brothers were both stuck in traffic so Bee and I hung around at NAIA 3.  Bee asked me to take a picture near the luggage carousel.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By jingfrey, shot with DSC-W70

Then she took this picture with my camera...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By jingfrey, shot with DSC-W70

and took a similar picture on her camera, and spent the succeeding minutes comparing the two.  She ended up deciding she wanted a new camera since her camera doesn't have some of the features like mine does (starting with ISO 1000).  That's what taking a photography class does, make a person want a newer camera - he he he!

Bee's brother arrived a few minutes before Jon.  Jon took a taxi going to the airport, but NAIA 3 is like the other terminals where taxis from the outside aren't allowed at the arrival area, so he got off at departure area, met me at the arrival area, where we took those expensive taxis to the nearby bus station.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

At the Hotel Sofitel

Although I am on leave this week, I agreed to a meeting with the MIS people this afternoon, simply because I want to fastrack the project we requested from them.  ICAP has also invited our desk for lunch today at the Hotel Sofitel's Spiral, so I decided to show up.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Was at the hotel at 12NN and saw the bank president eating at the Spiral ... I also thought I saw the BSP gov, but I was mistaken.

I was early since none of the guys from either PNB or ICAP were there so I hung around the poolside, which overlooks Manila Bay.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Was surprised to see the ICAP people, who came from Makati, to arrive first.  My officemates were late because they had a problem with the bank car they reserved.  The car pool assigned only one car for the 5 of them.  They had to request for a bigger vehicle.  Ha ha ha!

Dropped by the office after lunch, MIS postponed the meeting to Monday simply because they forgot about it.  Marti told me that she needs something regarding FX products, which reminded me to tell Rey that Neil texted me this morning to inform me he's my counterpart in Allied regarding the 8 treasures project.  In fact, Neil was asking me what our assignment is.  He he he.  Anyway, after clearing up some things with Shayne regarding the Euro position, I headed to Makati.

Bee has been texting since morning.  She asked me to bring the 6 Sacred Stones book, then she announced she has decided not to bring her diving gear, she would later text me she has also decided not to bring her lap top.

I was thinking the trip's tomorrow, Bee's thinking it's hours away.  She's right.

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