Friday, July 30, 2004


Yvette called me but I wasn't anywhere near my phone, then she texted me. I saw the message on the bus ride home. Since I haven't figured out yet how to save new numbers to my address book from a phone call or a text message, I ended up calling her number a few times, dropping it just before the connection was made or she picked up the call.

I was at the check-out line in the supermarket when Yvette called me. I must have looked funny trying to handle a phone call while putting my purchases on the counter and getting out cash from my wallet. Since I haven't talked to Yvette in years, I wouldn't think of asking her to "call later".

She got my number from Rach, and they made contact after so many years through friendster.com ... Hmmmn, now that I know four people in Friendster, I think I may just activate my account which I opened months ago. I still couldn't figure out what use this site is for me, apart from finding lost friends.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Watched Catwoman with Sam at South Mall. Adored Halle Berry. Since she is NOT Selena Kyle, they made it appear that there have been many catwomen through history starting from ancient Egypt where the goddess Bastet takes the form of a cat.

Did not like her final outfit, albeit the guys would love seeing Halle in the thing.

It wasn't a "took my breath away" experience of a movie, but I enjoyed it just the same. Sam seem to like it more than I do ... she has the rebellious streak and loves cats (she has cats for pets). Unfortunately, Sam hates heights.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Got my New Phone

Finally exchanged my old Nokia 3350 with a Sony Ericsson T230. Looking at the logbook Budget asked me sign, I was the last one on the page to exchange my phone. I think my phone was available around OPICS conversion but I was too busy to get it.

Now have a phone that's got polyphonic ringtones, capable of recording sound, has MMS, has an e-mail inbox/outbox, can create groups (so I don't have to send the same text message more than once to different people) . If I want the camera features, I must buy the accessory. Don't think I will.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

PNB Anniversary

It's been a whole day feast.

Breakfast was cinnamon and mocha care of Bank of New York.

We had 2 lechons for Lunch care of Wachovia and Banque Paribas.

Invited the bank president, directors, other senior officers to lunch ... some came without invitation. They must have enjoyed the experience - someone asked when Treasury will have its next feast. Try Christmas.

The bank theme being Filipiniana, the dealing room had banderitas. Since we wanted to have some semblance of a costume while not having to wear ternos like the Cash people decided to do, the dealing room men wore barong/camiso chino, jeans and bandana on the neck, while the women wore black long sleeve shirts and black slacks with a long piece of cloth hung from the left shoulder and the ends tied near the waist on the right. Milette lent me a folded malong, which is easier to use because I don't have to tie it.

The marketing folk planned some games like "palayok" (try to hit the hanging pot while blindfolded), and Boss Jong actually placed baby powder in the candy-laden pots. We had the janitor cleaning the floor every time the game was played. Then there was the dating game, which was hilarious. Jan gets top marks for having the most outrageous answers.

Had eaten a lot that I didn't eat the dinner provided by the PNB for free.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I, Robot

Advance Screening of I,Robot at SM Megamall 7pm today. Got three tickets which Marketing raffled off earlier this week. Sam said she'd meet me at Dulcinea. Jon and I have finished eating and still there was no Sam in sight. Apparently, Dulcinea was previously located in a different place and Sam thought there was no Dulcinea restaurant in Megamall anymore. She texted us to meet her in Goldilock's instead. We didn't find her there either. It was 6:30 and we saw a line at the cinema so I texted Sam to find us in the line. It was Jon's unfortunate lot to have someone at the back of him asking about "AVP" ... the "Aliens vs. Predator" movie.

Advance Screenings usually being fund raisers, therefore a pseudo-social event, the movie did not start at once. We were subjected to a barrage of commercials from the sponsors, then sit through an "emcee" thanking the sponsors and talking about the foundation, listen to a testimonial from a graduate of the program, then endure another round of the same set of commercial adverts. I sighed in relief when the movie finally started.

Being a "casual fan" of Isaac Asimov, his books made me like robot movies even though some people think they could not connect to the robot character. Therefore I liked A.I. and this one. Sam would have enjoyed it as well if there was little tech talk ... I had to "translate" some terms for her.

Left the mall after 10pm, and since the MRT's last trip's at ten, Sam joined Jon and I on the bus to Alabang where we accompanied her to the stop for Las Pinas-bound jeepneys before boarding a Pacita bound jeepney ourselves.

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