Sunday, August 22, 2004

Born in the Philippines

Was searching at imdb.com and realized that Filipinos have been entering a lot of their beloved movie actors/actresses into the database. Wondering how many Philippine actors (and movie-industry people) have made their way into the list, I ran a Place of Birth search for Philippines. It belched up more names than I expected, and gave me an added treat.

Filipinos are more or less aware when a known Filipino artist goes abroad and does well in his chosen profession (Lea Salonga). We also are quick in recognizing Filipinos who, even though previously unknown, become successful abroad either in the Music or Movie industry (Apl.de.Ap). We're even quick at tracing Filipino roots of foreign artists (Tia Carerre).

The following is not meant to be a list of successful, or known artists abroad; just a list of artists/entertainers who were born in the Philippines (not necessarily Filipinos), left the country virtually unknown, and ended up working in the entertainment industry of other countries. Some achieved fame, some remained unknowns:

-----edit 1 (17-Feb-2008): the following were all taken from imdb.com at the time of original writing***end of edit-----

Leo Abbey (1900-1990)
.....extra in American movies, whose only credited appearance was as Torres in the 1951 movie "I Was an American Spy", which starred Ann Dvorak and is about a woman spy during the Japanese occupation of Manila (Philippines)

Robert Alonzo (1970- )
.....stunt choreographer/coordinator, stunt double and bit actor in Hollywood action movies
.....last seen/credited in the movies Angel (Puerto Rico, starring Jimmy Smitts) and Terminator 3 (USA, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), his latest project is the sci-fi film Ultraviolet (USA, in post-production as of August 2004 - starring Milla Jovovich) ... is this the same Ultraviolet of the UK TV series?
.....go to this site to find out more on this guy: http://www.stuntservice.com/robertalonzo/

Apl.de.Ap (1975- )
.....co-founder (with Will.i.am) and member of the American multi-ethnic rap crew Black Eyed Peas (BEP. The group's debut album was Behind the Front released in 1998. Their 3rd and latest album, Elephunk, was released in 2003.
.....Apl.del.Ap probably means Allan Pineda Lindo (his real name) de Angeles Pampanga (his birthplace). His mom is Filipino but his father is African American (he never met his father though and was raised solely by his mother).
.....this is BEP's official website: http://www.blackeyedpeas.com/

Luis Eduardo Aute (1943-)
.....Spanish composer, director, writer, actor, painter and performer of the Canto Nuevo music style (Latin music).
.....Catalan father and Filipina mother (Spanish descent). The family moved to Spain in 1954. .....his official website: http://www.clubcultura.com/clubmusica/clubmusicos/aute/home.htm

Miguel Ayesa (1970s? - )
.....Australian pop musician/writer, film and theater actor and sometimes voiceover actor.
.....he's appeared in some TV shows and in the American movie "Queen of the Damned" (2002). Recently starred in the play "We Will Rock You" (2003-2004) in London, a tribute to the rock group, Queen.
.....this is his clan's website: http://www.lacocinadetitamoning.com/the_family2.html

Ericson Balcita (1971 - )
.....American actor who appeared in the little known film "Southie" (1998) starring Donnie Wahlberg and Rose McGowan

Escolastico Baucin (1892-1965)
.....extra in American movies, credited appearances were in the 1942 movie "Texas to Bataan" (Known as "The Long, Long Trail" in UK) and "I Was an American Spy" (1951, see notes on Abbey, above)

Gil Rivera Blas (1970s?-)
.....still photographer and extra in American films and TV shows

Wil Castillo (1976-)
.....voice over actor for english version of animes like "NieA under 7" (2000) and "Nazca" (1998), and writer/technical director of the indie movie "U.P., Michigan!" (2001)

Emil Castro (1986-)
.....dancer/performer who appeared in the TV special "MGP 2002 - de unges melodi grand prix" in Denmark.

Trey Farley (1975-)
.....producer director of Hong Kong's Channel V, currently host/presenter in British TV. His father's English, his mother's Filipina.
.....more on this website: http://www.rdfmanagement.com/clients/trey_farley.html

Von Flores (1960-)
.....Canadian actor who appeared in several American and Canadian TV shows and movies. Best known for playing the character "Sandoval" in the TV series "Gene Roddenberry's Earth:Final Conflict" (1997).

Kim Fowley (1942-)
.....American/Irish music writer, arranger, producer, singer, musician, comic, promoter, publisher, disc jockey and manager who has contributed to the development of rock and roll in the 1960s
.....son of American actors Douglas Fowley and Shelby Payne
.....note that some write-ups say he was born in Los Angeles California and not in the Philippines
.....his official website: http://www.kimfowley.net/

Ceferino Garcia (1906-1981)
.....Philippine boxer who ended up being an extra (playing boxers/fighters) in American movies.

Charles Gemora (1903-1961)
....."Hollywood's greatest ape". For most of his career he appeared in Classic American horror movies in a gorilla suit. Sometimes he was an alien. Eventually became a make-up artist, costume designer and creature creator.

Alex Havier (1911-1945)
.....extra in numerous American movies, mostly uncredited appearances. Found dead (suicide) in Los Angeles California, his last performance was in the movie curiously titled "Nobody Lives Forever".

Billy Hinsche (1951-)
.....member of the American rock act "Dino, Desi and Billy" in the 1960s - his band mates were Dino Martin (Dean Martin's son) and Desi Arnaz, Jr. (Desi Arnaz, Sr. and Lucille Ball's son)
.....later performed/toured with the Beach Boys (1970s)
.....recently reformed his old band, but this time, it's "Ricci, Desi and Billy" - as Ricci took the place of his older brother Dino

Allan Shishir Inocalla (1947-)
.....Canadian martial arts expert who has done stunts in numerous American action movies and TV series.

Leon Lontoc (1908-1974)
.....started as an uncredited extra in numerous American movies and tv shows... eventually became a regular in the TV series "Burke's Law" (1963-1965) playing the character of Henry the chauffer/valet.

Don Pancho (1979-)
.....member of the Aussie band "The DNA Rock" and one of the finalists in the Australian TV show/contest "Popstars Live!"

Lou Diamond Philips (1962-)
.....American actor who first got noticed in "La Bamba" (1987), and later starred in the "Young Guns" movies (1988 and 1990). He is also a writer, director and producer.

Willy Santos (1975-)
.....American skater (skateboard) who appear in TV sports shows and does skateboard stunts in movies.
.....this is his website: http://www.willysantos.com/

Ramon Sison (1940s?-)
.....Doctor and lifetime MENSA member who would sometimes dabble in acting for American movies or TV shows (a few roles called for him to portray a doctor)

Ralph Soncuya (1896-1963)
.....extra in American movies, usually uncredited

Juan Torena (1898-1983)
.....appeared in American movies, usually those done in the Spanish language.

Doug Torres (1969-)
.....assistant director in a number of American films, director of music videos, and lately ventured into directing, writing, producing, and playing a bit role in his own movie, "That Brief Moment" (2002)

Joe Wong (1903-1978)
.....actor in American movies

Brian Yuzna (1951-)
.....producer, director, writer of American films. Built a reputation as producer of gory horror films ("Re-animator" 1985), but he also wrote/produced kiddie films like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" (1989)
.....his children Zoe, Conan, Noah and Logan Yuzna were extras in his movies

Neile Adams (1936-)
.....Broadway actress who appeared in American movies, once married to Steve McQueen with whom she had children (Chad and Terry). She wrote "My Husband, My Friend: A Memoir" (1986), a biography of her late ex-husband McQueen.

Anisa (1972-)
.....appears in American adult movies (translate: at least x-rated), sometimes credited as Kim/Kimi Lee or Naomi Wang

Meliah Bautista (1980s?-)
.....appeared as an extra in some American movies made in Hawaii

Mylin Brooks (1975-)
.....alumna of that Disney TV show Mickey Mouse Club (1990-1992), commercial model, appeared in the movie "Starship Troopers" (1997), songwriter and recording artist. Her latest album, "The Best of Mylin", was released in 2002
.....write-up in MMC online: http://www.geneofun.on.ca/mmconline/cast/mylin.html

Tess Broussard/Boussard (1968-)
..... "Eurasian" commercial model and sexy actress who appears in American commercials, TV shows and movies - some of which could be considered as porn.
.....her website: http://www.tessbroussard.net/index.html

Lourdes Faberes (1975-)
.....British theater and TV actress.

Doris Fitton (1897-1985)
.....Australian theatrical actress and director who appeared in a couple of films. She was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1981 for services to the theater.

Cassandra Hitti (1977-)
.....American actress, appeared in "Time Lapse" (2001)

Layla (1980-)
.....appears in American adult movies

Leanni Lei (1978-)
.....appears in American adult movies

Loni (1970s or 1980s?-)
.....appears in American adult movies

Brenda Marshall (1915-1992)
.....actress of classic American movies, once married to William Holden

Mei-Yu (1978-)
.....appears in American adult movies

Meiling Melancon (1980-)
.....extra in American action movies and TV shows

Vanessa Minnillo (1980-)
.....Miss Teen USA winner turned sexy American TV host (1998)

Angelica Pamintuan (1970-)
.....Mystique magazine model, and extra in American movies

-----edit 2 (17-Feb-2008): have checked the imdb this 2008 and details written for A. Pamintuan have changed from what was written in 2004. Since I could not find any direct link from Playboy to her on the net, and she has given interviews denying ever having been a Playboy playmate, I have erased that from the above***end of edit-----

Susan Penhaligon (1949-)
.....British theater and TV actress

Cristina Raines-Crowe a.k.a. Tina Herazo (1952-)
.....American TV actress

Pia Reyes (1964-)
.....Playboy playmate for Nov 1988 and appeared in sexy/adult movies. She and husband Christophe Rocancourt (they had 9 children!) were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2001 on charges of fraud

Pilar Seurat (1938-2001)
.....appeared in numerous American TV shows in the 50s and 60s, as well as some movies. Mother of Hollywood writer/producer Dean Devlin and half-sister of producer (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 1996) Alana H. Lambros.

Camile Velasco (1985-)
.....finalist in the TV show "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (2004)

Giselle Lynn/Yum (1977-)
.....appears in adult movies

April ONE

Did some searching in Google for April 1 events.

To start with, Veneralia was celebrated to honor Venus in ancient Rome (we're talking about the whole empire, not the city). It is said that the festivities to herald the start of the year in the old Julian calendar extended to April 1 or near the date, and when Europe shifted to the Gregorian calendar, the celebration morphed into what many countries observe today as April Fool's Day.

Other events that happened on this day:
1803: France sells the Louisiana Territory to the United States
1826: The internal combustion engine is patented by Samuel Morey (USA)
1866: The US Congress rejects veto of Pres. A. Johnson on Civil Rights Act (passed April 9)
1875: The first newspaper weather map is published by Sir Francis Galton in England
1889: First dishwashing machine introduced in Chicago Illinois, USA

1933: Organization of the Anti-Jewish Boycott by the NAZI Germany
1938: Seigel and Shuster's Superman debuts in Action Comics #1 (June 1938 issue, USA)
1939: General Francisco Franco officially ends the Spanish Civil War, Franco Gov't recognized
1947: First Jewish immigrants disembark at Port of Eilat, Israel
1952: Big Bang Theory proposed in Physical Review by US scientists Alpher, Bethe and Gamow

1960: USA's NASA launches TIROS1, the first weather observation satellite
1976: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer in California, USA
1979: Iran becomes an Islamic Republic.

1979: Nickelodeon Network (originally Pinwheel) debuts on American Cable TV
1982: US formally transfers Canal Zone to Panama
2001: First legal same-sex marriage in Netherlands and Quebec Canada is celebrated

Real people born on this day:

1578: William Harvey, d. 1657
............English Physician known for Discovery of (Blood) Circulation
1776: Sophie Germain, d. 1831
............French Mathematician who worked on the Theory of Elasticity (Metals)
1815: Otto von Bismarck, d. 1898
............Prussian prime minister, founder and chancellor of the German Empire
1873: Sergei Rachmaninoff, d. 1943
............Russian/American composer, pianist and conductor
................."Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" is one of his known works
1908: Abraham Maslow, d. 1970
............American philosopher and psychologist, best remembered for his "Hierarchy of Needs"
1926: Anne McCaffrey
............American science fiction author, most associated with the Pern series of books
1932: Debbie Reynolds
............American actress/dancer
.................Best Actress Academy Award nominee for "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (1964)
1938: Ali MacGraw
............American actress, shot to fame in the movie "Love Story" (1970)

Fictional characters supposedly born this day:
1978: Fred and George Weasley - "The Weasley Twins"
............Characters from the 7-book British Harry Potter series (1997- ) by J.K. Rowling
1980: Bartholomew J. Simpson - "Bart"
............Character from the US Cartoon show, The Simpsons.(1989- ) by Matt Groening
.................Note: Birthday could also be Dec. 17, 1979 or June 25, 1982

Saturday, August 21, 2004

http://www.jkrowling.com/ and alt.fan.harry-potter

Finally looked up JK Rowling's official site ... and got some updates on Harry Potter. No wonder I often see the topic "Half Blood Prince" in forums these days ... never read them thinking it was another fanfic title - surprise! It's the actual title of the 6th book. When I first saw the name Ginevra Weasley in a fanfic, I thought it was a joke - found out that Rowling said it is the character's real name. Someone please tell the lady that the name brings to mind a brand of gin in the Philippines - Ginebra San Miguel. Hey, what about someone creating a fanfic character with the name Virginia St. Michael? He he he!

Once you get tired of looking through the official Harry Potter sites of Scholastic, Warner Bros., and Bloomsbury, as well as the sites of Rowling, and HP movie actors like Felton, Waylett, etc. ... and you find no interesting HP fanfic in fanfiction.net, reading the posts in the "alt.fan.harry-potter" newsgroup is very interesting. Actually, I just go to Google : Groups, type "harry potter" or similar keywords, and read whatever catches my fancy.

A recent topic is making me chuckle - people are seriously discussing the theory that Dumbdledore and Ron Weasley are the same person. If I got it right, Ron supposedly went back in time and was Dumbledore. Wouldn't be surprised if the person who started this idea has read T.H. White's "The Once and Future King" (love this novel) where Merlin ages backward.

Then they analyze just about every scene and character. Sheesh!! If I ever write anything that gets published, and these guys start analyzing it, they'd end up knowing more about the novel than I do. Wonder if Rowling feels the same way?

Haven't finished the thread yet ... and I am amazed at the length the proponents of the theory have gone to in order to prove their point. Hilarious, but AMAZING.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Finally had the chance to watch an episode of the GMA-7 TV series Mulawin ... and it has promise. Irritating though that F*R*I*E*N*D*S, Charmed/Jake2.0 and Mulawin are more or less on the same time slot.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Just woke up to a weird dream ... a person had written a song ... I think I have actually heard the song in real life although I can't remember when... so maybe this is a dream of how a person wrote a song.

Ofcourse nothing beats the dream I had (this happened around last year) of Legolas seducing Aragorn. The only reason I could think of having that one would be I had read a slash (fan fiction featuring male/male relationship) story about LOTR characters. I woke up because the scene was disturbing, then had a good laugh after I realized the effect fanfiction was having on me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Finally got around to buying myself a new bag and wallet ... the bag I used to bring (gift from Sal) gave out 2 months ago, and the wallet I was using (gift from Boss Jong) is about to fall apart.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

King Arthur

Jeng gave me three movie passes for King Arthur. She got them from Buddy who in turn got it from the head of the MTRCB who used to work in PNB.

I brought Jon and Sam to watch the movie with me. Sam was on the way home when I texted her the invite so she got to SM South Mall first. Then I got there after 6:30, met her at Chow King, then I texted Jon to meet us in front of the Cinema. Jon took a long time to get there because he took a detour and bought a set of Motorola walkie-talkies for Ma and Pa's use.

Few people were watching the movie, sad to say. Although the premise was okay, the movie had no solid story line ... Arthur and his knights start out on a mission to evacuate an important Roman family from Britain (shades of Saving Private Ryan), they find themselves outnumbered by Saxons in war (Sam is reminded of Lord of the Rings - Two Towers), there's some interaction between Arthur and Guenevere (not much romance), Lancelot dies (in the beginning, he's doing the narrating, so this is not a story from a person's point of view), Arthur is made king.

It was past nine when we left the theater. No more restaurants open in South Mall so Jon and I headed back to Pacita. Stepped into Jollibee to eat a quick dinner, but gauging from the couple ordering in front of us, there's not much of the menu available and we have to wait before we get the food. Decided that if we're going to end up waiting to be served, might as well eat in Shakey's.

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