Monday, July 11, 2005

Warped sense of time

No, this isn't about wondering why the watches and clocks in your room are suddenly "advanced" compared to everyone else's time.

Attended the gathering at Dan's house for Joy (whose family arrived from Pennysylvania June 29 for a vacation) lunchtime with Ma. We stayed at the funeral chapel overnight Saturday, I went home Sunday afternoon, spent the rest of the night till morning taking care of feeding the pets, making sure Papa took his medicines on time, and doing my laundry (with some of Ma's thrown in), and now I'm not sure if it's still Sunday, Monday or if it's already Tuesday.

Checked my calendar ... yep it's still Monday. Promised to go back to the funeral chapel this afternoon, but I'm still tired so I'll make it evening.

Uncle Vic, Aunt Lily and Uncle Sonny arrived from the US today and headed straight to the funeral chapel. Ma and Jon were able to talk to them. If they haven't left by the time I arrive, I'll be able to see them, too.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Death in perspective

Cristy and Jeng sent me a duplicate text message to inform me that Es' father died yesterday. This hit me more than news of Lola dying. The perspective being, Es' father died young, my grandmother died of old age. Her father could have lived and witnessed more (something better than the political turmoil we have now, I hope), while my grandmother had already enjoyed her life.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cellphone numbers

Cristy changed her phone number today, it's been more than a year since she last changed numbers. That means she bought a new phone.

She and Cris often buy the latest cellphone models, and since new units are cheaper if you buy a plan, they change phone numbers too. With Cris, you know either she or her husband had a promotion/increase because she'd upgrade her phone (last change was Apr-20-2005). With Cristy, she's always changing phones but I don't know if it's because she likes them new or she has excess cash to do so (She's got two jobs).

I've actually taken to appending a year to their caller ID in my phone just so I know which is the latest.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Lola Cion's Death, and the day President Arroyo wish didn't happen

Pay called up early this morning to say that Lola Cion is dead. She's 95, would be 96 had she lived a month longer.

I still went to the office today, Pay hadn't told us the details of the wake yet, so even if we wanted to go to Cavite, we wouldn't know where. The news was a shock to Jon and Ma, I gathered this because they were extremely quiet when they told me the news before I left the house, as if they can't believe the news coming from their own mouths. I guess it's weird that I wasn't as shocked because I was expecting it to happen ever since the dream I had about a month ago. I even suspect she died in her sleep as in my dream. I'd really be acting weird if I called up Pay to ask if Lola indeed die in her sleep and if she was by chance wearing pink today. Then again, maybe she was wearing pink in my dream because that is the color of love - and she loves Lola a lot.

Lola's death was overshadowed by political events today though. In one day, 10 resigned cabinet secretaries, the Liberal party, the Makati Business Club, and former president Corazon Aquino, made separate televised statements asking President Arroyo to step down. Worse scenario would be we'd have a new president by Monday by the name of De Castro. If Arroyo is the spoiled brat I sometimes think she is, I imagine that she's probably playing the pouting princess right now, asking her counselor if she had the power to say "off with their heads!" He he he!

A rally scheduled today closed off Ayala Ave., Makati ... the protesters will probably converge at Ninoy Aquino's statue along Paseo. This rally had been planned days before, but by coincidence, it comes right after separate influential groups have announced on TV that they want Arroyo to step down. I expect more people will join this rally if they weren't planning to do so before.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror in London

Was in the bus this afternoon, heading home, when I heard on TV the news that bombs were set off in London, probably the handiwork of terrorists. Well it reminds me of the pictures of the bombs that were set off in Makati not too long ago, also during rush hour.

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