Thursday, November 29, 2012

ACI Christmas Party

Got dragged to attend the ACI party by Vikki who actually waited for me to finish downloading data for the ALCO report before heading to the ground floor where the bank car is waiting.  Lean joined us in the car.

The venue is 7th High, and hearing that there is heavy traffic at the Makati, the driver took a short cut to Global City via Newport Mall/Airport road, and we ended up on the other side of Bonifacio High.  We got a bit lost walking around B3 and found it funny that we were already near the place when we got down from the car.

Saw Rey come in with his friends a bit later than you would expect from someone who left the office earlier than we did.  He he he.

The good thing about attending this year:  I got on of the minor raffle prizes which is PHP1k worth of Sodexo/SM GCs.

Left with Menchie as the bus station to Pacita is near her apartment.  She won a minor prize too, although bigger than the one I won.  While we were looking for a cab, I saw that it was a phone with a tablet similar to the ones PLDT is offering.  Menchie said she initially had no plans to attend the party too. Ha ha ha!

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