Monday, February 27, 2006

Off from work early

There's a rally along EDSA (again), which caused traffic to stall ... we were allowed to leave the office at 4PM today because of that.

The rallies were dispersed in the evening.

A word on Taliesin: If you don't know him, the other name interchangeable with it is Merlin (Vespasian and Joseph of Arimathea are both connected to the Arthurian legends).

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Loyal Marines

Marine commandant Miranda was relieved ... his men surround Fort Bonifacio ... which ofcourse caused tension and every local news channel was covering it.

It was thankfully over by evening.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lunch with Counterparties/Brokers

Last Tuesday, ICAP Philippines treated us to lunch. As the office is in Pasay, we requested the place to be a the Market Restaurant at the New Hyatt in Manila.

Today, lunch was with Natixis Singapore traders Philippe and Yannick at the Hotel Philippine Plaza.

The funny thing about these lunches ... when we do have them (which isn't always), we'd usually have two within the same week. And I tend to overeat ... tsk, tsk!

Odd news for the day ... part of Adriatico Street sunk down ... there was a construction site nearby ... which probably caused it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

When words pop into your head

Last Monday, the word Taliesin popped into my mind while on the way to the office. Nice sounding name or word. Didn't mind it.

Yesterday, the words Vespasian and Lavoisin popped into my head. I still remember those three words today.

To satisfy my curiousity I had to google if there is any connection between the three. Had an amusing read at lunch today.

It appears that conspiracy theorists connect both Taliesin and La Voisin to the "Illuminati". I didn't find anything to connect them directly to each other. Vespasian, on the other hand, supposedly freed Joseph of Arimathea and allowed him to sail to England... and somewhere along the way there is a connection to Taliesin. Then there is another theory connecting the Tribe of Dan to the Illuminati, and this is somehow linked to La Voisin.

After reading all that, hopefully those words stop popping into my head.

Felt a little dizzy and cold after lunch ... the freak side of me says it may be related to another earthquake ... like the one in Central Honshu, Japan. It's another odd coincidence.

Monday, February 20, 2006


I was looking over the net if there are other people like me who experience major headaches when a tropical depression or monsoon rain is coming. Just realized that others who do have the condition call it migraine.

My idea of migraine ofcourse is the very incapacitating one where people can't stand the light or loud sound.

Mine just happens to be a mild form of it. Wow, all those years I had migraine and didn't know it. Ha Ha Ha!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Headahes and earthquakes

I've mentioned before that monsoon rains or tropical depressions make my right eye itchy and the right part of the brain near it throb in (mild but persistent) pain.

Well I also have headaches... the dizzy kind that start from the back part of the brain ... when some earthquake comes along. I first recognized that when I had a bad headache then heard on the news about a Japanese earthquake.

I was absent today because of another one ... later found out there was a landslide in Leyte because of another earthquake.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Remember the headhunter who contacted me days ago? She called again and gave her phone number and e-mail address in case I am interested to apply at Deutschebank.

She's one persistent kid. I just don't think I want the job.

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