Sunday, January 14, 2007

Busy Saturday

I became aware of MV Doulos when our Treasury Marketing people went there for a client call.

I was told that they have a bookstore on board and some books are on sale. I invited Sam and Jon to visit the ship with me yesterday morning.

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We were finished by noon and headed to SM Mall of Asia for a bite then watched the movie Eragon.

As yesterday was the last day of the 2nd World Pyrolympics, Sam insisted that we stay to watch.

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Hundreds of people thronged out of the mall once the competition was over. It was hard to find a ride home so I dragged my companions into the Lobby Lounge of the Heritage Hotel for a midnight snack.

There was actually someone singing, accompanied by the piano when we started to eat. After midnight, watching our video clips of the fireworks display was our entertainment.
13jan 021 (Small)

We stepped out of the hotel once we thought that the number of people waiting for buses have thinned. Jon and I were home at 4AM this morning.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A gift for Lauren

potato-head Mariel dropped by at the dealing after office hours yesterday bringing daughters (my nieces) Kyla and Lauren along. Gave the kids my gift and urged Lauren, my goddaughter, to open hers. I gave Lauren a Mr. Potato Head toy and she loved it. Actually, she and Kyla enjoyed playing with it on the Treasury Conference Room's carpeted floor.

When Mariel and family left, I waited for Jon outside PNB and we proceeded to SM Mall of Asia to get a chance to watch the first night of the World Pyro Olympics competition.

To read more about the event, go to my pinoytourista blog:

Last night, Mon Lim actually treated the dealing folk to dinner at a Seaside restaurant where the fireworks display is visible (it's much nearer than Mall of Asia, actually) then they went to a nearby videoke house. As I was having fun with my nieces, I didn't go.

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