Sunday, August 31, 2003

Something got me wondering

Updating "Jing's Bulletin Board" (See link in the box on the upper right) and read Ate Cely's old e-mail twice.

She said the priest in Townsville is a good friend of the couturier Aureo Alonzo. So now I'm wondering if both men are gay. After all, there are many homosexual couturiers and priests, ofcourse the latter do not get out of the closet for they prefer to stay in the confessional box. Eww, did I just crack a not-politically correct joke there? Sorry.

Also, I can't help but also notice that Alonzo is one of those famous Filipino couturiers/hairdressers with a fascination with religious images. Ben Ferrales has lots of Sto. Ninos, and I think Ricky Reyes has a mixed collection of Marys and Sto Ninos. It's like subconsciously, they regard those things as dolls they could dress up with flair and display for everyone to see.

Today's dose of Randomness

Very happy to find Karen and Cely's e-mails in my inbox. I've uploaded the pictures they sent in and put the links in the jingsbb blog.

Sam called last night. She just got off the phone with Ogie and was so annoyed she needed to talk to another person to let off steam. She and Ogie are partners in the wedding-coordinating business: To Be Wed. What Sam was ranting about? A client feedback that suggested Sam smile during weddings. Was chuckling quietly while she blabbed on. Honestly, one would think she's the one pregnant and not Ogie. Conversation ended when her mom texted her via celphone and suggested she watch Tulfo's show on Channel 9. It was some sort of expose on Senator Lacson. I think she's more into following political news than I am.

Speaking of Ogie, she's going to give birth last week of November. She's thankful it won't be first week of November. She doesn't think she can handle a child with Sam's temper. Sam's birthday is November 8. I learned this from Sam herself. She's the first one to admit she's a grouchy person.

New set of iron grilles being installed at the carport. The separation will allow the two dogs (Heidi and Becky) to run around free in front without fighting. The two dogs are to be in front of the house so the cats can be in peace at the back. We've got so many cages and grilles to separate the pets that I'm for naming this place "The Fortress". Jon thinks more along the lines of prison. It's more likely the zoo but fortress sounds better.

The planet Mars was supposed to be at its nearest point to Earth in 5000 years last Wednesday or nearabouts. The sky was clear Wednesday but got cloudy the night after. Jon has a telescope. Maybe he stepped out to see the planet. Jasper sent me e-mail with an image of "Mars upclose" attached to it. Was torn between laughing out loud and wanting to wring his neck yet again. It was a picture of a Mars chocolate bar.

He keeps sending those kind of mail where I think it's about another and open it to find out it's about something else. When others forward jokes, I usually could guess what it's about before opening the file. Jasper's aren't predictable. Hopefully, when he does announce his marriage (yikes, realized just now I can't remember his girlfriend's name), it won't be in the form of a joke.

At least Jasper promised to tell us. Allan didn't - he was just absent from class a week and I took a wild guess as to "Why?". He sheepishly admitted I was right - he got married and was on honeymoon in Bohol. Really, you'd think we'd be offended if we don't get invitations. We can understand not being invited - we're just classmates in MBA. Albeit the five of us formed a strong bond because of those late nights solving Financial Accounting assignments.

We bonded during our first term - second half of year 2001. We grouped together because we all lived south (Paranaque, Laguna, Batangas). We'd meet Tuesdays in either Festival Mall or Alabang Town Center and occupy a table in the food court until the mall closes. If we weren't done yet, we'd move to Starbucks or the billiard hall/bowling alley/restaurant-place-whose-name-I-can't-remember-right-now. Both had tables and close much later. If we haven't solved all problems, we met again Thursday. We called ourselves the 1 o'clock breakthrough group. That's because when we were stumped, it's either I figure out the solution at 1 a.m. (yes morning!) or someone else gets the solution at 1:00 p.m. Saturday right before the accounting class starts at 1:30. After that term, we'd still hang around together if we see each other in the canteen. If one or two of us are taking the same subjects, we'd take the same class.

Miss the group. We're kinda separated now. Jasper takes classes in the Greenhills Campus because he's moved back north to his mother's place after it was robbed. Rachel is on leave because she just gave birth. She was on leave her whole pregnancy because the doctor prescribed bed rest. Claire often enrolls in classes at the RCBC campus. Allan is usually in the Taft campus. I was on leave last term. Still on leave this term.

I took a leave because I got transferred to Peso GS trading April and I cannot deal with studying MBA and learning the ropes of GS trading at the same time. I barely passed the subject I was taking when the transfer happened. Plus, I failed to turn in at least three research papers. That means I have to repeat that if I enrolled. Next term starts September. Online enrollment ended last week. Don't like the prospect of doing research papers just yet so I enrolled for residency. Means I don't have subjects but I can enter campus without the scanner emitting a warning signal when I flash my ID before it. I think I can also borrow from the library. And, I can get free issues of Far East Economic Review and Asian Wall Street Journal from the Graduate School office. As if I'd enter campus :-) I think the only time I'll ever enter campus this term is to pay the residency fee.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Fan fic addiction

The first fan fiction I read was the Secret Diaries of Cassandra Claire ... it's a parody of Lord of the Rings (LOTR). Very funny. It's also slash - meaning a character paired up with another character of the same sex. When I first read them, right after the first movie was shown, it only had entries from the nine members of the fellowship. Now it has entries from Gollum, Sauron and Ringwraith No. 5.

You MUST check it out .... it's at this site: http://home.nyu.edu/~amw243/diaries/

I could remember two more LOTR fanfics because they were funny too. They were of the crossover type - where characters of one book/movie run into characters of another book/movie. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the sites.

One fic had Hogwart's forbidden forest leading into Middle Earth. It's Harry Potter vs. LOTR... Dumbledore in a showdown vs. Gandalf, Harry Potter and Ron vs. Frodo and Sam, Voldemort vs. Sauron, Hermione pulling Arwen's hair, the Weasley twins trying to outsmart the sons of Elrond. Get the crazy picture?

The other one had the Evangelion team accidentally teleporting to Middle Earth and landing on Legolas who was flouncing up on Mt. Caradhras. The elf guy battles with amnesia as the rest of the fellowship figure out what to do with the strangers.

I read more on the LOTR genre but the others weren't as interesting. The combination of drama/romance/slash just didn't suit me. I couldn't figure out why there are so many slash fics anyway... some of the homosexual relationships created between the characters are just too creepy.

It wasn't until this June when I started to be addicted to fan fiction... because I discovered the Harry Potter genre. After finishing HP#5 (Order of the Phoenix), I was hungry for more. Although I told Pen that I don't like reading fanfics of HP because they may influence my expectations of J.K. Rowling's yet unpublished books (#6 and #7 are still in the works), I gave in to the hunger and visited one of her recommended sites. I got hooked.

The slash fics are still there but I find them bearable to LOTR slash. I don't go looking for slash though, I search for the funny ones... and the search engine sometimes coughs up funny slash stories.

I'm a Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasly (DM/GW) shipper. To non-readers of fanfics, a ship pertains to a preferred romantic pairing. So there are the Harry/Hermione (H/Hr)shippers, Harry/Draco (H/D) shippers, Draco/Hermione (D/Hr) shippers, etc.

Like I said, I'm a D/G shipper. I've had too much Harry Potter in the real HP books, I think Ron and Hermione should be together, but THAT pairing could only cough up a few interesting fanfics, and I do not like slash, so I got on the D/G ship.

Actually, I blame Cassandra Claire of the Secret Diaries fame for my D/G thing. Hey do you know that her friends have started selling "Sam will kill him if he tries anything" t-shirts?

Anyway, back to topic. Cassie wrote the Draco Malfoy trilogy. First long, non-funny, romantic HP fanfic I ever read. Draco's a bit OOC (out of character) in it, but the girl HAS imagination. She hadn't finished the last in the trilogy yet - Draco Veritas. I wish she would quit with the slash and go back to finishing the series. I've gathered from discussion groups that the series is also popular with other readers.

If you want to read the trilogy, click here: http://www.schnoogle.com/authorLinks/Cassandra_Claire/

Fiction Alley, where Cassie is listed, is home to Harry Potter fanfics only. The way they arrange the fics needs improvement.

I've recently decided to hound the archives of fanfiction.net where I don't have a headache searching for my type of stories. Besides, fanfiction.net does not limit itself to Harry Potter fanfics. You'd find fanfics on Evangelion, Simpsons, Final Fantasy, James Bond, Les Miserables, X-men, Sex and the City, as well as crossovers in there.

This morning I just laughed out loud till i cried reading a dream scene from a funny HP fanfic by liltrick89. Here's the link: I'm too Sexy. The part that had me laughing is here: Chapter 6. Hope the links work for you.

Ahh, day's early. No irritating "Mag-exercise tayo tuwing umaga" by Yoyoy Villame blaring from the neighbor's boombox. Going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean later with Sam (It's short for Sampaguita although she wishes her real name's Samantha instead) and ogle at Orlando Bloom. We've seen it separately, but we want to watch it and dream about Orli together. Ha ha ha! Sam's into him more than I am ... she has his picture in her wallet! Too bad he's younger than we are. He he he! Here's hoping we have a good, uneventful day today, eh? Cheers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

2003 Forced Leave: Day 2

Second day of my 5-day leave. I'd probably go out later.

Tess' birthday tomorrow. She was here Sunday and mom cooked pancit (usual birthday fare). She brought brownies and crema de fruta. Goldilock's version of crema de fruta is too sweet. I've decided to make a simple, less sweet one next weekend. Dunno if she'll be here though.

Lots of birthday celebrants this august:

Lola Cion

Happy birthday all! Sorry I wasn't able to send you e-cards.

The carpenter's back. The repairs aren't finished and the carpenter took another higher paying project. It's finished now, ergo he's here. Reminds me of Murphy Brown ... the painter never finished painting the house. Ha ha ha!

Thinking of buying a scanner. Repulsed at the idea of spending too much though. He he he. We'll see. Willy told me he's willing to give me a digicam... waiting for it. He wrote once to ask what "pasalubong" i want. If he's willing to give more than the digicam - then here's my wish - just send the dollars. :-)

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