Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris Hilton gets on the news again

A year ago, I was barely aware of who this person is. Then a TV trailer about 2 hotel heiresses got me interested ... I wasn't able to watch that show but I searched the net. Sadly, the Hilton sisters seem to be people who haven't spent enough time developing their brains ... despite all that money that could enable them to learn or at least buy books to read.

So, I never watched that entertainment channel episode, never watched the Simple Life series, but I seem to be hearing a lot about Paris Hilton just by opening the TV (was it the MTV spot ad that says one good thing about the 80s was that it was Paris Hilton free?), or surfing the net (mention of sex tapes or the Simple Life escapades). Now that I usually open Google news, here's Paris Hilton again on the Entertainment section headline ... creating havoc by unwittingly (?) allowing a hacker to publish her phone book on the net... havoc on her friends that is, who are being deluged by curious callers.

The phone book list and the notes aren't that interesting - simply because I'm not that updated with who's who in entertainment. It's the pictures that are interesting (sexy or otherwise).

The most interesting thing I discovered from this? I LIKE the way the blackberry phone looks like.

Funny, huh ... people talk about Paris and I end up looking up blackberry cellphone models.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Rey's birthday today and we had siopao for breakfast and I heard he had pansit, BBQ and pichi-pichi ordered for merienda.

Lunch was courtesy of the big boss ... the annual lunch with each group/division thing.

Tried to call legal but got busy signal. e-mailed the lawyer I talked to instead. She e-mailed back and told me she's referred it to litigation. Then she advised me to check docs before receiving them... Had to reply and tell her the docs were sealed in the envelope and the guard is the one receiving mail in the dealing room. Cannot make her think I am THAT careless.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

One problem resolved

Called my bank and asked about the "other" statement of account. They said it was a mistake and they corrected it. They made note of my middle name ... the usual distinguishing factor.

Installed SimCity4 in office PC... I think I like it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More Errands

Got the last installment check on my sister's early retirement. Problem is, I forgot to bring along her account number so I couldn't deposit it. Supposed to order food to go at Max's EGI Taft but ended up dining in.

Felt like eating Crispy Pata today but obvioiusly, can't buy one just for one person. After picking up my Laking National Card I browsed a bit at the bookstore, and bought the FRIENDS - the one with the 10 years coffee book. When I got to Max's HP, they already ran out of crispy pata. Since folk at home were expecting me to bring food, I brought home Chinese food from Hap Chan ... which is just as yummy. My dad liked the food - machang, siomai, sharks fin, salt and pepper beef and butter chicken.

Got a copy of SIMCity4 to find out if I'd like it.

Red Letter Day

Valentine's day yesterday.

The corporate affairs people hired some guy to hand a red rose to every lady in the building.

On a serious note, the day ended with three bombs exploding - 1 in Metro Manila (Near EDSA MRT, less than 20 meters from Intercon) and 2 in Mindanao (one near Gaisano Mall).

The military has been fighting militant muslims since the start of the month... this is their payback.

News plastered on every newspaper - ofcourse.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Name game

It really sucks when the very common name your parents gave you is also the name of someone who works in the same place or deposits in the same bank you do.

Just realized I've been getting 2 sets of statements of account from my bank. One is from the branch handling my account, one is an account in another branch probably owned by someone having the same name I do - but that person hasn't been receiving statements because said statements are being mailed to me. Called customer service and got little help apart from the phone numbers from both branches and a suggestion to talk to the managers myself.

The other one who almost has the same name I do with the exception of a different middle initial and a different vowel in the first name, works in the same company I do and had the freaking unluck to be respondent in a criminal case of theft ... I think our company was repossessing a borrower's property and the borrower fought back by suing anyone involved in the repossing with theft. The subpoena meant for the other person was served to me, legal said they'd fix things, but now I find out they haven't made the correction on the name. Grrr!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Something is really wrong with my PC

The PC shut down upon login last night. Then I did a restore, a lava deepscan which touched my bro's Drive H and activated Norton which deleted 2 files it said are viruses but he says are not, but hack tools (what the freak does he hack?). SIMS2 did not work well ... it would start out okay, but then it would become a jumble of triangles again.

That meant I kept restarting the game, saving every now and then just in case the PC crashes the game.

Am really afraid I may have to change the video card - if it's damaged... again. Have to look for the receipt.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Must I keep doing Restore?

Did not play SIMS2. The PC opened by telling me it had to check drive C because the PC wasn't properly closed down. When it finally finished, the PC automatically closed down after login. Assumed if it was a virus, Norton would have caught it, so did some scanning with lava, spybot instead. Defragged the C drive as well. Creating restore points along the way. No idea if that solves anything but the PC did not shut down again.

Monday, February 07, 2005

My PC is acting up again!

Something's wrong with my PC ... and can't play SIMS2 decently on it. It was ok when I left this morning, but this evening, when I ran SIMS2, the image is nothing but a jumble of triangles. Asked my bro if he installed something but he said no. Re-installing DirectX9, the way I did last month when installing Windows Service Pack 2 ruined the images, did not work. I did a restore to Saturday and my game worked. Which meant some settings may have changed.

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