Thursday, September 30, 2004


Vikki was on leave yesterday because one of her sons is sick. We were joking about sick leaves but I certainly didn't expect to wake up with an aching back this morning coupled with bouts of sneezing alternating with a runny nose. With the gross greenish stuff, I am sure it is a virus and not a reaction to a tropical depression (75% of the time, I have a sneezing bout just before a heavy rainfall).

Hoping to watch the DVD's I bought/rented. Unfortunately, my PC will not run 2 of the movies I rented, and only one of the DVD's I bought is working well. Have decided to learn CorelDraw since I'm stuck in the house.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Went to PNB with the intention of depositing some money in my PNB account. I'm one of those people who do not remember their Bank account numbers, and PNB is one of those banks that give you an ATM card with a number that's different from your account number - for security reasons and the fact that you can link two accounts in one card. It's not a problem because I just ask the new accounts teller to swipe my ATM card to get my account number. Unfortunately, the system was off line this morning and I had no intention of waiting since I had other things to do.

So, I just passed by Treasury to get my ham from the freezer, left PNB and deposited my money in my BPI account instead. Buddy saw me make an appearance in the dealing room but I didn't stop to chat ... intentionally. I had a feeling he was hoping I'd help him with entering some deals in OPICS. Thing is, I am on leave. I was answering his text messages, though, so no one can say I wasn't helping. Passed by BPI Family Bank to deposit Sal's check then headed to Ayala Mall, Makati.

Took my wrist watches to a repair shop. Been putting that off for a year or more and using my cellphone's clock instead.

I had accumulated PHP200 worth of rebates from National Book Store which will expire 15-Sept so I used them today. Found out they were giving another round of rebates last week. If I had gone then, my total purchases today would've given me about PHP100.00.

Bought a copy of SIMS2 before heading home.

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